My business and I share the same proud name”: Matteo Brioni.

“I was born and raised in a brickyard in Gonzaga, the birthplace of the dynasty that ruled the city of Mantua and made it one of the capitals of the Renaissance. My family has lived in these parts for over 400 years and has owned the brickyard for a century. History and tradition threatened to bury me, as did the mountains of clay and bricks where I played when I was a boy but I climbed up and over them and looked further afield.

Matteo Brioni

Ex. T bathrooms


Modularity, versatility and functionality are the key features of Ex.t products, proposing the bathroom as a dynamic space able to transform and renew itself continuously, meeting the needs of contemporary living. We love Tuscany and Florence, our homeland. That’s why our production is 100% local: Ex.t products are made by artisan laboratories and manufactures dedicated to carry on the tradition of Made in Italy through an ongoing innovation process.


Palma beige pendant light by david pompa brings together a handwoven palma shade with a sophisticated chrome, coated metal piece in ochre or white. The contrast between a striking metal texture marked by fine openings and the soft weaving surface creates an intriguing interplay between industrial production and craft techniques. The subtle tone of the beige palma matches perfectly any warm space. The 3 different finishes allow a more personalized piece, suiting distinct scenarios.

Palma beige chrome pendant davidpompa - LES VRAIS